17 October 2021

Cape Verde: There are 7 candidates for today’s presidential elections. 2 former prime ministers have the best chances of winning: Carlos Veiga of the ruling centre-right Movement for Democracy party and José Maria Neves of the left-leaning African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 17 October 2021. 10:13

Burkina Faso: An article about – mostly pictures of its opening ceremony yesterday – the 27th edition of Africa’s biggest film festival, the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (Fespaco).

16 October 2021

Poverty/South Africa: Poverty is systemic and multi-layered and the poverty cycle begins early in life: children, already, face “barriers (that) are likely to keep them trapped in a vicious cycle of disadvantage for the rest of their lives”. What is needed is “collaboration across different sectors to better address the complex and multiple needs of children growing up in poverty”. Communities of practice bring together researchers and practitioners, service agencies and service users, an approach called “collective impact”. The article’s authors are doing research into these communities of practice and their impact.