02 August 2021

Djibouti: Somali and Afar communities have clashed in the capital. Houses and other property were burnt. There is no information on the casualties. It could be that the clashes have spilt over from Ethiopia where Afars have been accused of killing hundreds of civilians in Gedamaytu in Somali region.
BBC Africa Live 02 August 2021. 14:02

Tunisia: Concern is growing as three members of parliament who had criticized the President’s “coup” have been arrested, independent MP Yassine Ayari on Friday and Maher Zeid and Mohamed Affes of the El Karama party since.
BBC Africa Live 02 August 2021. 18:40

01 August 2021

Kenya: According to the article’s author, Nairobi has become an art hub, on a level with Lagos and Cape Town. Equipped with many pictures, the article gives a brief introduction to the Kenyan and East African art scene.