16 October 2022

Tunisia: Two big anti-Kaïs Saïed-demonstrations have been held in Tunis yesterday Saturday, some of the participants calling for a “revolution against dictator Kaïs”. The two demonstrations were organised by the National Salvation Front (which includes moderate islamist Ennahda) and its “deep ideological rival, the secular Free Destourian Party”.

Namibia: The country, ranked 14th in the cricket world, beat Asian champion Sri Lanka on the opening day of the Men's T20 World Cup.

Tigray/Ethiopia: A massive offensive by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops is underway in Tigray and cities are being carpet bombed while there is a severe shortage of food and medication. 100,000 may have been “slaughtered” over the last few weeks. 1 million are thought to be under risk of starvation. There is a high risk of a “bloodbath”, of “carnage”.

15 October 2022

Africa/IMF: The IMF’s Africa director has promised support to countries on the continent hit hard by food price rises to prevent or lessen food insecurity.
BBC Africa Live 15 October 2022. 19:16

South Africa/Cultural appropriation: Die Antwoord is a two-member band that has used Kaaps hip-hop to become famous worldwide. In cultural appropriation, someone from a dominant culture takes from a marginalised culture, asymmetry of power (playing out along race, gender, class lines) being a sine qua non of such exploitation. The article explains how Die Antwoord – and blackfacing – fit in.