17 July 2022

South Africa: Jessie Duarte, “a long-serving member of the (…) African National Congress” has died at the age of 68. She had suffered from cancer. She had “served as Nelson Mandela’s personal assistant from 1990-1994”. She was the ANC’s deputy secretary general. She had been the object of criticism for standing by Jacob Zuma all through his presidency.
BBC Africa Live 17 July 2022. 7:59

16 July 2022

Nigeria/Coconuts: Demand is booming and climatic conditions in the country are excellent for coconuts, yet Nigeria imports coconuts – 500,000 tonnes in 2021. This is set to change: In June, a coconut planting initiative has been launched – to promote the fruit as a cash crop and to reach self-sufficiency. “Everything from the husk to the flesh can be processed into a wide range of products – food, beverages, cosmetics, textiles, charcoal and even soil and energy.” Coconuts could also make a contribution to Nigeria getting away from its over-reliance on oil.

Democracy in Africa: The Africa Drive for Democracy conference, to be held in Arusha (north of Tanzania) on 20th and 21st of July 2022 is “to rebuild African solidarity around democracy”. Authoritarianism is on the advance – despite an overwhelming majority favouring democracy according to AfroBarometer. “(L)eading academics, researchers, jurists, student leaders, journalists, trade unionists, political parties and active citizens” are to participate. The Institute for Security Studies is one of the hosts of the conference.