10 April 2022

Guinea: The junta wants to get mining companies to “share profits more equally with the country”. The May deadline for presenting plans for building refineries in Guinea – so as to not export the raw products only – is to be respected.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 09 April 2022. 17:03

Nigeria: There has been another major electricity outage – the fifth one since the beginning of the year, due, this time, to an act of vandalism on a transmission tower. Even on regular days, Nigeria produces only 4,000 megawatts a day – despite having installed capacity of 12,500 megawatts.

09 April 2022

Gambia: Voting has started for 53 parliamentary seats. There are only 19 women amongst the 245 candidates. The president will nominate 5 MPs including the Speaker – these five have to be approved by parliament.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 09 April 2022. 8:23