30 March 2023

Epitaph for Ethiopia’s musician-nun: Aged 99, Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou has died. Classically trained, she was “associated with the jazz genre and spent her life in a convent”, since the second half of the 1970s mostly in Jerusalem. The article tells a little about her life and music and provides three links to her music.

Ethiopia: In another step of implementation of the peace agreement, prosecutors are dropping criminal charges against TPLF leaders. According to the justice minister, “conflict-related cases would be seen ‘in the context of transitional justice’.”
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2023. 15:37

Malawi: 17 days after the passing of tropical storm Freddy, the 537 persons still missing will be declared dead by the police. Not including these, according to official figures, more than 600 Malawians had been killed, more than 100,000 homes destroyed and more than half a million people had been left homeless by the storm.
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2023. 11:00

Senegal: Opposition leader Ousmane Sonko has been found guilty of libel for having accused the tourism minister of embezzlement. According to his lawyers, the two month suspended prison sentence will not prevent him from running for president next year – which may well have been the objective for taking him to court in this (and not only this) matter.
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2023. 15:46

South Africa: The SA Tourism Board has decided to carefully consider the use of public funds and to thus NOT go ahead with the announced three-year sponsorship deal for English football club Tottenham.
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2023. 15:02

29 March 2023

India/Namibia: Four cubs were born to one of the cheetahs relocated to India in 2022 – the first cheetah birth in India in around 70 years.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2023. 12:55

USA/Zambia: Vice-president Kamala Harris is due to arrive in Lusaka on Friday. Ahead of her visit, “Zambia's government has warned the opposition against holding anti-gay rights protests”, promising “constructive dialogue” to address the concerns of the anti-gay opposition Patriotic Front.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2023. 10:02