12 December 2021

Sudan: Prime minister Hamdok has replaced state governors appointed by the military leader since the coup d’état in October as he had recently replaced ministers appointed by al-Burhan since October.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 12 December 2021. 17:53

11 December 2021

Malaria: After quite some progress against malaria, Covid plus humanitarian crises have made malaria come back in force – 14 million more cases in 2020 than in 2019 and a marked rise in deaths from malaria, especially small children. “Malaria parasites resistant to the artemisinin component of the WHO-recommended artemisinin-based combination therapies have now been confirmed in Uganda and Rwanda.” Also, “genetic changes (…) make (the malaria parasites) invisible to the rapid diagnostic tests most widely used in sub-Saharan Africa.” Pregnant women continue to be a worry – malaria in them results in low birth weight, a major factor in early child death. Most important in fighting malaria are insecticide treated nets and indoor residual spraying. Choice of insecticides is important as resistances to some insecticides have developed. But new, more effective insecticides have been developed. And the new malaria vaccine RTS,S promises success in fighting malaria.