21 August 2022

Angola: His widow having won the court battle in Spain where José Eduardo dos Santos died in July, the body of Angola’s long-time ruler has now arrived in the country for burial. One of the deceased’s daughters “has accused current President João Lourenço of using her father's body as a campaigning tool.”
BBC Africa Latest Updates 21 August 2022. 9:21

20 August 2022

Kenya: President elect Ruto is a staunch Christian. According to the article’s author, it can be expected that “religious leaders and associated lobbies will become key actors in policy making” and women’s rights could then be under threat under his rule, for example “the modest provision around the right to abortion under specific circumstances”. Ruto has not yet taken power and there is no concrete evidence of this – the article’s argument is inspired by the overturning of the Roe v Wade ruling in the US and other attempts to “roll back freedoms secured for women and girls over decades”. The article’s author warns that “it will be critical to create spaces to protect and secure the most vulnerable from what will be interpreted as state-sanctioned defence of ‘Kenya’s morality’”, because “when the ‘soul of a nation’ is contested, it’s women, girls and those considered deviants whose bodies will serve as the theatre for that battle.”

South Africa: After a year-long intra-family battle, the new Zulu King Misuzulu ka Zwelithini – who has no formal political power but wields great influence – has been crowned today Saturday in a traditional ceremony at the KwaKhangelamankengane Palace.
BBC Africa Live 20 August 2022. 20:28 & 17:30