25 February 2021

Ghana/LGBT: An LGBT resource centre which had recently opened in Accra, has been shut by police. The country’s catholic bishops' Conference and the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values had been amongst those who had called for the closure of the centre. Ghana still criminalises same-sex relations.
BBC Africa Live 25 February 2021. 5:08

Nigeria: The politics of ethnic division: The postcolonial state continued and continues to design its statecraft based on the colonial legacy. Under British rule, people had been placed into different groups, destructive divisions had been created. “(P)ost-independence Nigerian leaders exploited ethnic and religious sentiments to get political and social patronages.” This does not permit national unity with “continued tensions arising from paranoia and distrust of groups ‘othered’ in strictly ethno-religious terms”.

24 February 2021

Niger: According to the electoral commission, the ruling party’s candidate, Mohamed Bazoum, a former foreign and interior minister, has won the second round of presidential elections with more than 55% of votes. Some supporters of opposition candidate Mahamane Ousmane do not accept the results and they have clashed with police after tyres were burnt and a campaign vehicle of the ruling party was set on fire.
BBC Africa Live 23 February 2021. 17:01 resp. 17:24

Italo-African fashion: Five Italian designers of African origin - Fabiola Manirakiza originally from Burundi, Claudia Gisele Ntsama from Cameroon, Mokodu Fall from Senegal, Joy Meribe of Nigeria and Karim Daoudi from Morocco – have opened the Milan Fashion Week.
BBC Africa Live 24 February 2021. 16:51