5 April 2021

Mozambique: The military says it is once again in full control of Palma, the coastal city in the country’s far north that had been attacked by al-Shabab on 24 March. According to the state radio, residents who had fled have started to return. Communication with Palma remains cut. The town normally has a population of about 75,000.”

Ghana: More than 60 dead dolphins were washed up on several beaches. The reason of their deaths is unknown, investigations are ongoing. In the meantime, authorities “are warning against eating the dolphins and various other fish species that have also washed up, as it not yet clear what caused their deaths”. But dozens of dead dolphins have gone missing from Axim beach, probably people intend to sell their meat.

4 April 2021

Mozambique: BBC has listened to people who were able to escape from Palma in the country’s far north after it was attacked by al-Shabab terrorists.