26 December 2022

Burkina Faso: A minibus hitting a landmine in the country’s East region close to the Niger border has killed at least 10 – some passengers are still missing.

25 December 2022

My two main sources for the article summaries, BBC Africa and The Conversation, are in holiday mode since 19th of December, BBC Africa has switched off its “Africa Live” programme and does only “Latest Updates”, The Conversation republishes articles from its archives. As I do not invent news: sorry for the dearth of them for the time being…

Somalia/Iran: Some of them had been kidnapped in international waters close to Somalia in 2014, eight years ago, the others in 2019, three years ago. Fourteen Iranian fishermen that had been liberated after “negotiations with government officials, tribal chiefs and Somali elders” have arrived back in Iran yesterday Saturday and were taken back home to Chabahar, in the country’s south, today Sunday.