14 August 2022

Kenya (14/8/2022. 20:34): There are still no definite results for the presidential elections. According to BBC – whose source are data from the official website of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) – Ruto is still slightly ahead with 50.9% of votes – Odinga has 48.5%, the two others 0.6%. Only close to half of the results have now officially been confirmed. Still according to the BBC/IEBC, for the senate, Ruto’s coalition is thought to have won 33 seats, Odinga’s 32 with 2 seats going to others. For the National Assembly, the present count is 147 for Ruto’s coalition, 146 for Odinga’s and 18 for others with 38 still undeclared.

13 August 2022

Angola: Dos Santos had no talent for mobilising the masses but rather for working behind the scenes and “turn(ing) apparently adverse circumstances to his advantage”. The article follows him through the long time he held on to power – and beyond: his hand-picked successor was no close ally of his – hoping that he “would not interfere with the Dos Santos corruption empire” proved vain. This very ungenerous remembering of the long-time Angolan president concludes by stating that Dos Santos was a cold and pitiless person, citing Angolan writer Sousa Jamba that his “aptitude was in his ‘judicious use of violence’, and he left ‘no vision or philosophy’.”