08 January 2022

Ethiopia: Several prominent opposition leaders – including TPLF leaders Sibhat Nega and Abay Weldu – are to be freed in an Ethiopian Xmas amnesty, a move that the governments intends to help achieve national reconciliation.

South Africa/archaeology: Findings in the Ga-Mohana Hill North Rockshelter near Kuruman, in the Northern Cape provide evidence that 105,000 years ago (when water was more abundant), some humans already lived far away from the coast. The rockshelter is thought to have been a place of spiritual significance then and is still so today.

07. January 2022

South Africa’s state capture/Zondo report: Will the government act? Is it capable of decisive action and systemic reform? Does it have the will to do so? Zondo’s state capture report is most clear: “The democratic state was captured; key institutions were looted as vast sums of public money were stolen. Former president Jacob Zuma and his motley network of exploited and exploitative allies were responsible.”

Nigeria: Dozens, maybe even more than 100 have been killed on Tuesday night and Wednesday by armed ‘bandits’ on motorbikes in villages in Anka and Bukkuyum areas of Zamfara state (north-western Nigeria).
BBC Africa Live 07 January 2022. 10:45

Kenya: 4 police officers were ambushed and killed in Lamy country in Lamu County a few days after a dusk-to-dawn curfew had been declared following the murder of 7 civilians.
BBC Africa Live 07 January 2022. 12:49

Guinea: In relying on mining (bauxite first of all) to run the state, the new regime seems no different from all that came before. The article makes well-meant suggestions how the new regime should go about managing the mining sector for the benefit of all.