04 December 2021

Covid/travel bans/Nigeria: In the view of Dr. Doyin Odubanjo, a leading Nigerian public health expert, “by the time a variant is detected and announced, it has probably already spread to many unidentifiable countries”, so shutting borders will hardly stop the new variant from spreading though it will do economic harm. Only because South Africa discovered Omicron, it does not mean that Omicron originated there. Despite higher vaccination rates, “(i)f anything, Europe is the region having a rather surprising rise in cases”. The objective should be “to limit the spread of disease – not entirely discourage travel”. Plus recommendations what to do against the virus in Nigeria.

Uganda/HIV: Donors had moved out of HIV financing before the onset of Covid. With dependency of anti-HIV-programmes on donor financing still high, this has important consequences on the ground. While basic services (HIV testing and treatment) are still available, there were “substantial reductions in the scope and quality of services provided”. In concrete terms, in Uganda, changes in support by the US government’s HIV and AIDS response programme Pepfar meant that, generally, the scope of HIV services narrowed, the quality of care declined and community outreach activities drastically decreased. Conclusion: “It is clear that increasing local ownership of HIV programmes is of paramount importance.”

03 December 2021

A cat in her house has the teeth of a lion
BBC Africa Live 03 December 2021. African proverb of the day. A Somali proverb sent by Mohamed Mursal in Jigjiga, Ethiopia.

GBV in parliament: According to a report by the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the African Parliamentary Union (APU), 40% of women members of parliament have experienced sexual harassment and 23% physical violence at work, most of it in parliament and mostly from male MPs.
BBC Africa Live 03 December 2021. 15:47

Kenya: Millions of animals – livestock and wildlife – have perished in Northern Kenya due to the worst drought in a decade after three consecutive seasons of poor rains. “Drought conditions in the region as well as much of Somalia and southern Ethiopia are predicted to persist until at least mid-next year.” 26 million people are estimated to be “struggling to get food”.
BBC Africa Live 03 December 2021. 12:09

Chad: Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno now is a five-star general instead of a four-star lieutenant general. “Only his father had the rank of a five-star military general before his death.”
BBC Africa Live 03 December 2021. 6:46

Pan-Africanism/Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: An introduction into Pan-Africanism with special reference to the founder of the Pan Africanist Congress, the South African Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (1924-78). An article questioning also the African Union’s Pan-Africanism – seen its cult of sovereignty of their nationalism. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe would have turned 97 on 5th of December.

Pan-Africanism/Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: On the occasion of the publication of a book with South African Pan-Africanist Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe’s letters, the article reflects about the life and suffering of the organizer, in 1960, of the march against the pass laws that led to the Sharpeville massacre – a watershed moment in the country’s history. Condemned to 3 years imprisonment and transferred to Robben Island, where he was kept in solitary confinement, the Apartheid regime was not happy about liberating him and passed a law, the “Sobukwe Clause”, that let the Minister of Justice prolong his detention year after year – a law never used against anyone apart from Sobukwe. After being freed in 1969, he was kept under surveillance in Kimberley, far away from everything and repeatedly refused allowance “to leave the country to take up job offers he had received from the United States” as well as “obstructed (…) to get the medical treatments that he needed” – he died of lung cancer in February 1978, aged 53.

Sudan: Promising to collaborate with reinstated Prime minister Hamdok, the military and coup leader al-Burhan has called on the UN to support the transitional government. In the face of continuing mass protests against the military leaders, the UN Secretary General has called for support for the Hamdok government – “although the situation was not perfect, it was a step towards democracy”.

Ethiopia: Genocide Watch and Early Warning Project ranked Ethiopia in the highest risk category prior to the outbreak of mass atrocities, while Peoples Under Threat and Atrocity Forecasting Project recognized risks without considering it amongst the countries most at risk. But such risk assessment over-predicts risk (there will not be outbreaks of atrocities in all countries at risk) and it is imprecise (when will atrocities happen?). With Ethiopia, despite risk being recognized, “the scope and severity of the crisis has caught many by surprise”.

Mozambique: An old man accused by a traditional doctor of being a sorcerer has been lynched and burnt to death in Zavala in southern Inhambane province. Four perpetrators have been charged with the crime. “One of the heads of the Association of Traditional Doctors of Mozambique, in the district of Zavala, has also been indicted for the crime of exposing an elderly person to danger.”
BBC Africa Live 03 December 2021. 11:20

South Africa: A court has allowed Shell to go ahead with a 5-month seismic survey, dismissing an urgent application of an environmental group to stop exploration off the “Wild Coast” (east of the country) because it would damage wild life. Another group of activists has already launched another court case against Shell.
BBC Africa Live 03 December 2021. 10:02